Orvieto and surroundings

Orvieto has been a city of great prestige in several different historical periods. It was one of the most important Etruscan towns, way before the Roman Empire, then later became a Roman colony and later a powerful Medieval and Renaissance city. The city deserves a visit, for its monuments, museums, churches and palaces. The most important monument is the the Duomo. It is a magnificent building that brings together different architectural styles. In particular we can define a fine example and balance the of Gothic and Romanesque styles. Beside the Duomo there are other several tourist attractions such as Palazzo del Capitano del Popolo, the churches of Sant’Andrea, San Francesco, San Giovenale (the oldest church in Umbria), the Moro Clock Tower, the St. Patrick weel, the Etruscan Well of Via della Cava, the Albornoz Fortress, the Etruscan Temple of the Belvedere, and many more amazing attractions. Everything can be easily reached by foot in a few minutes from Casa Barzini.

Other interesting places and cities around Orvieto

Bolsena 20 kms far – The city has Etruscan origins, and is linked to the religious event, the Miracolo di Bolsena. Bolsena is very popular with tourists, not only for the lake, but also for the presence of cultural attractions such as the Castello Monaldeschi and the basilica of Santa Cristina.

Civita di Bagnoregio 25 kms far – It is a very small medieval borough and one of the most beautiful in Italy. It can be considered a true open-air museum.

Todi 30 kms far – An umbrian town rich in art and history. Its historic center is definitely worth a visit, with its Piazza del Popolo, Palazzo Priori and the Duomo. Other attractions are the church of San Fortunato and the Sanctuary of Consolazione

Viterbo 45 kms far – A city full of attractions, in particular the old medieval quarters of Piano Scarano and San Pellegrino, the home of Santa Rosa and a beautiful Palazzo Papale. It is worth bringing a bathing suit and visiting the Terme dei Papi.

The Umbrian cities of Perugia ed Assisi are just 1 hour driving far

From the Orvieto train station you can easily reach Rome (in 1 hour) and Florence (in 2 hour)

To get more information and details about what to see and what to do in Orvieto, please rever to : www.orvietoviva.com/en/

Natural attractions around Orvieto

The Anello della Rupe: a 5 km walk, this a ring path that runs along the perimeter of Orvieto, with fabulous scenic areas and interesting archaeological site.

The Tiber river park and Corbara lake located between Orvieto and Todi.

The Sette frati park: the park is in the territory of Mounte Peglia (about 830 meters above sea level), and occupies a large area of forest. Much of the park is equipped with easily accessible trails and pic-nic areas.

The Marmore water-falls (Terni): about one hour drive from Orvieto, right outside of Terni, the Marmore Water Falls, a water jump of 170 meters, the highest in Europe.