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Easy Keto Carboholics' Cookbook



Introducing the simple,customizedway to live keto…

Wholesome Yum app displayed on phones.

Wholesome Yum APP
For iPhone, Android & Desktop

Deliciouscustomketo meal plans +macro trackerto make keto easy…

PLUS ad-free website access, dedicated keto support,

free keto ebooks, and more!

$9.99/monthFREE week

wholesomeyum easy keto meal plan app launch

"My favorite part is automatically building the shopping list.It used to be very tedious to go through the week's recipes and manually make my own list.

Making the move from regular meals to keto meals was very difficult because I struggled with variety for my family. We were carb eaters: pasta, rice or potatoes every night, not to mention bread! So with the Wholesome Yum app,I can plan a variety of meals so they don't miss the carbs so much." -Josee C

Sticking to keto isn't always easy...

You’re trying to figure out what you can eat…

And which foods will fit your macros…

Without spending all day in the kitchen…

Or giving up a life with your family and friends…

Not to mention how to resist all the foods you miss…

but It doesn't have to be complicated!

getcustomketo meal plans designedfor you...

Because one size does not fit all!

Get the meal plan that it fitsyourmacros,yourfood preferences,yourdietary restrictions, andyourlifestyle!

wholesomeyum easy keto meal plan app launch

"I have tried several different planning apps as well as just trying to follow meal plans from blogs. I will saythis is by far the best and easiest thing I've tried.

I love that I can adjust the planand find other recipes that I would enjoy. Compared to my last shopping trip where I got a lot of food I didn't need and this trip following the app list, I saved about $100!" -Mallory S.

With theWholesome Yum app, you'll get...

App macro tracker

Fit and track your macros effortlessly

Never count macros again:The app tallies your custom macros in real time as you add meals, add individual foods (from a database of tens of thousands of foods and products), or scale recipes in your plan. Then update your macro tracker each day with what you actually eat.No other macro trackerworks so seamlessly with a keto meal plan!

View your daily macro goals (in grams and percentages), find macros for tens of thousands of foods (no more googling!), and adjust serving sizes to fit your unique macros... all in seconds.

wholesomeyum Easy Keto Mobile App Meal Plans Grocery List More

Done-For-You Meal Plans Every Week

Spend less time searching recipes:I'll curate a balanced plan for you every week, complete with ways to use leftovers.


FULLY Customizable

Enjoy food you want, when you want it.Parts of the plan don't fit? No problem: Adjust recipes in your plan for the perfect week of keto eating, every single week. Select new recipes in the mobile app with just a few taps, or drag and drop using the desktop version.

Wholesome Yum app foods view


Dial in your meal plan, right down to single foods.Need to add a little more to the recipes in your plan? Select from hundreds of keto foods and add them one by one, without having to tally macros -- it's all counted for you with just a tap.

Wholesome Yum app leftovers view


Waste less and stay on track.You'll find leftover meals included in your default weekly plan -- eliminate them with a tap if you like, or reserve space for leftovers onanymeal in your plan.

Hands holding phone displaying Wholesome Yum app with pizza recipe.

mouthwatering, easy keto recipes

Eat exactly what you and your family love:Choose from lots of simple keto recipes, including classic comfort foods, bread, and desserts.

Chicken legs with phone displaying recipe scaling feature on Wholesome Yum app.

Scale recipes in seconds

Cook a lot, or a little, track nutrition for the amount you eat:Just a few taps allow you to double, triple, or cut a recipe in half, OR change the serving size. The app will recalculate macros, ingredients, and grocery list for you!

wholesomeyum Easy Keto Mobile App Meal Plans Grocery List More

Auto generated grocery list

Only get what you need:Meal plans generate a grocery list based on your plan's recipes. Check off what you have on-hand, see which recipes use each ingredient, and add your own grocery list items.

wholesomeyum Easy Keto Mobile App Meal Plans Grocery List More

Meal prep tips to save even more time

Cook on your schedule:Use the meal prep tips section to plan recipe components ahead of time. Add your own meal prep steps to fit your schedule, too.

Wholesome Yum app toggling between single and family options.

plan tailored For just youoryour entire family

Cook for one, or cook for all:Toggle between individual or 4-person plans with just one tap.

Wholesome Yum app with favorites view next to dish with chicken and salad.

Save Your Favorite Recipes

Found a delicious keto recipe you don’t want to lose?Tap the heart icon to instantly add it to your very own favorites folder for easier access — or to add straight to your meal plan.

Favorites sync acrossall your devices!

Easy Keto Carboholics' Cookbook next to phone with cookbook recipes.

Unlock Keto Cookbook Recipes Right In The App

Picking up a copy ofThe Easy Keto Carboholics' Cookbookunlocks access to all 100 print recipes inside Wholesome Yum app! With the cookbook and app together, you can:

  • View book recipes anytime, anywhere
  • Scale book recipes up or down
  • 构建定制的meal plans using book recipes
  • Get automatic grocery lists for book recipes when you use them in meal plans
  • … and more!

Wholesome Yum app water tracker.

Track Daily Water Intake

Make it easier to meet your hydration goals, right down to the ounce. With just a few taps, you can set daily water goals, log and adjust servings, and see them displayed at a glance with your macros. Includes options for drink size, vessel, and more!


Access from your smartphone, computer, or tablet

Stay keto wherever you go:Access plans from your mobile phone, tablet, desktop, or anywhere you can use a web browser.

Wholesome Yum app open with options to download pdf of meal plans.

download a pdf to save or print

Going offline?Instantly print your plan, download as a PDF, or send to your email.

Megan testimonial

"Meal planning used to be difficult for me.Previously, if I came up with a week's meal plan, it would get derailed due to dinner invites with friends, business travel, boredom, or cravings. With this app,I am MUCH better about getting back on trackand looking to see what recipes I bought ingredients for and making the meals." --Megan

FREE Bonus:
GetWHOLESOME YUM PLUSperks included!

These additional perks are normally a separate subscription (called Wholesome Yum Plus), but if you sign up now, you’ll get them all for FREE with your Wholesome Yum Premium membership:

Wholesome Yum app open displaying recipes.

Ad-Free Mobile App For Apple And Android

Keto goes wherever you do! Wholesome Yum Plus comes with a fullymobile-friendly appyou can access on your smartphone or tablet.
View your favorite recipes, leave comments, check recipe videos, and even convert sweeteners... all without ads!

Ad free view of Wholesome Yum on smartphone and laptop.

Premium Ad-Free Website Experience

That's right,no advertisements on the web, too!With Wholesome Yum Plus, you'll get exclusive access toover 500 keto recipesand resourcescompletely ad-free...all totally accessible from any of your devices!

Perks of the ad-free website:

  • Easier to read
  • No distractions
  • Loads much faster!

Wholesome Yum Plus resource library

High-Value Ebook Library

Your Plus membership unlocks access to an exclusiveresource librarystocked with members-only ebooks and printables!

These resources includeexclusive recipes, printable lists, cheat sheets, tips and tricks, and more. From zero-carb foods to sugar-free ice cream, the topics always focus onmaking keto easier.

You can access the entire libraryinstantlywhen you sign up!

wholesomeyum sign up for wholesome yum premium

Dedicated Keto Support Community

Getprivate & dedicated help, support, and community for your keto lifestyle! Join other like-minded ketovers in our private Facebook community, exclusive for Wholesome Yum Plus members.

Maya and other keto experts on her team willpersonally answer every question you have!We'll help if you're stuck, need recipe help, celebrate your success, and everything in between.

Wholesome Yum Foods products.

Permanent Discount on Keto Ingredients

Getpermanent discounts on popular keto ingredients:
  • Keto sweeteners(monk fruit, erythritol and allulose)
  • Super fine blanchedalmond flour
  • Organiccoconut flour
...And more coming soon! These are used in hundreds of keto recipes on Wholesome Yum, and you'll get access to the best quality, for less.

Save 15% on keto ingredients at Wholesome Yum Foods - with the savings on just one order (2 items), your Plus Membership can pay for itself!

我们还将与其他keto-friendly品牌工作get you exclusive discounts.

wholesomeyum sign up for wholesome yum premium

Support The Keto Recipes You Love

Did you know that theaverage keto recipe on Wholesome Yum takes over 12 hours to create? It involves research, recipe development, photography, videography, writing, and tons of market research to ensure exceptional quality and that it makes it to a place where you'll actually see it in search results and on social media. Informational articles often take longer, as we do extensive research with scientific references.

With Wholesome Yum Plus, you helpsupport the content you love- and I can't thank you enough!

Wholesome Yum Plus giveaway items.

Monthly Giveaway

As a Wholesome Yum Plus member, you'll get automatically entered into ourgiveaway every month, for a chance to win keto-related prizes!

These may be keto ingredients, cookbooks, gift cards, and more.

Yourchances of winning are great, because this giveaway is exclusive to Plus members!

The Wholesome Yum App!

Deliciouscustomketo meal plans to make keto easy…

PLUS ad-free website access, dedicated keto support, free keto ebooks, and more!

Wholesome Yum app displayed on phones.

Try aFREE week... followed by:


(less than 35¢/day!)


(15% off)


(50% off)

*Billed as one payment after a free week – cancel anytime. All prices in USD.

wholesomeyum easy keto meal plan app draft

"I love not having to think about what to feed my familyin a week, but what I love even MORE is not having to compile a hand built meal plan into agrocery list!Having a list crafted for me takes so much time and effort out of the meal planning process. I would tell anyone on the fencehow fun and easy the meals are to make, not to mention tasty!I think that every single night I say to my husband 'that was so much easier than I expected it would be!'It makes sticking to a low carb diet effortless!" -Katryna U.

ImagineNo more:


"Get off that fence! Theserecipes are amazing and the family loves them too- I really can't believe this is a diet. Great food, great taste." -Jan F.

What people love about the app...

wholesomeyum easy keto meal plan app launch
wholesomeyum easy keto meal plan app launch
wholesomeyum easy keto meal plan app launch
wholesomeyum easy keto meal plan app launch
wholesomeyum easy keto meal plan app launch
wholesomeyum easy keto meal plan app launch
wholesomeyum easy keto meal plan app launch
wholesomeyum easy keto meal plan app launch
wholesomeyum easy keto meal plan app launch
wholesomeyum easy keto meal plan app launch
wholesomeyum easy keto meal plan mobile app january

"Love your recipes! They are delicious and the plan is easy to follow! Not a lot of 'off the wall' ingredients-anyone can use this easily!" -Lucinda

Does this sound familiar?

I miss my favorite foods on keto...

I have the keto basics down, but I miss bread, pasta and rice. Do I really have to give it all up FOREVER?"

Don't miss your favorite carbs - make my keto versions instead!

You don’t have to give up bread, rice, potatoes, pizza or pasta.Instead, you’ll make healthy low carb versions as part of our meal plans… all the same flavors, without the guilt. You’ll also enjoy plenty of low carb comfort foods, keto friendly veggies, healthy fats, meat, and just about every keto staple out there. Not every meal is a carb replacement, but you get plenty of them so that you don’t feel deprived –and with this totally customizable app, you have flexibility to change anything!

wholesomeyum easy paleo keto bread recipe ingredients

I don't have time to meal plan or cook keto meals...

...Convenience foods used to be so easy, but keto requires more planning and cooking. It requires so much time. Is there a way to make keto meals less time consuming?"

Wholesome Yum meal plans are designed to save time!

First, we’ll create your entire week’s meal plan for you, complete with grocery list. No need to research recipes and plan meals each and every week.

Then, you’ll have the opportunity to save even more time byleveraging meal prep and leftovers, balanced with fresh, quick and easy recipes for tons of variety.

And if you want to customize your plan, we’llautomatically regenerate the grocery list!

TheBestJuicyBurgerRecipeontheStoveToporGrill(+Tips!) Learnhowtomakejuicyburgersonthestoveoronthegrill,perfectlyeverytime.Thisjuicyburgerrecipemakesthebestgrillorstovetopburgers,thankstosecretingredients,plusprep&cookingtips!Detail:the juiciest burgers ever

Keto seems to be working for everyone else but me...

My friend's sister or my co-worker lost so much weight on keto, but I don't think I'm doing it right. Why isn't it working for me?"

Keto can work for you, too!

Let the Wholesome Yum app make it simple for you! It’ll show you exactly what to eat, what to buy at the store, andset you up for success on keto.

You’ll never have to look up whether they are keto or wonder how to make keto friendly meals taste good.

wholesomeyum coconut flour waffles recipe

My friends or family don't understand why I'm doing this...

...It would be so much easier if we could eat the same meals. I'm tired of missing out or making separate things for them."

Even non-keto family & friends will eat these delicious meals!

Say goodbye to a separate meal for yourself and one for your family. The recipes in the Wholesome Yum app getrave reviews even from people who aren’t following ketoand arefamily-tested.

Plus, if you need to, it’s easy to add a starch on the side of any meal without having to cook two separate ones.

wholesomeyum keto baked asian turkey meatballs recipe

I don't have time to search for keto recipes, only to have them fail...

All these keto ingredients don't work the same way as what I'm used to. I just want recipes that WORK and taste good!"

Get tried & tested keto recipes that work!

The Wholesome Yum app is packed withtried and tested recipes made by hundreds of readers, so you don’t have to waste time on failed experiments.

Don’t waste time and ingredients – makedelicious keto meals every time!

Close up of almond flour keto blueberry muffins

It's 5pm and here I am staring into the fridge...

...Wondering what's for dinner... AGAIN. I used to grab takeout, or a box of rice or pasta, but what am I supposed to do in those situations now that I'm following a keto lifestyle?!"

Let us plan your meals & reduce stress!

Never wonder what’s for dinner again! The Wholesome Yum app includesquick and easy dinner time meals, many of which have useful meal prep tips.

So, you can plan ahead for busy nights… and havedinner on the table fast, even when it’s 5pm and nothing is ready yet.

Low carb keto tacos in a row

I hate counting macros...

It's time consuming, stressful and I can never seem to choose foods that meet them correctly. Can someone do it for me?"

The Wholesome Yum App makes macros easy!

These meal plans will fit your macros with ease!We have about 15 grams net carbs + 1000 calories for lunch and dinner combined (that’s the total for 2 meals, NOT each).

Most people aim for around 25g net carbs per day and 1200-1800 calories, so the amounts in our plans leave you room to add breakfast and snacks as needed. Plus, planstally your macros for you as you add meals to your plan to show if you’re staying on target. (Complete with color coding so you can see at a glance if you need to make adjustments.)

Need to customize further? No problem!Drag and drop the recipesto fit your needs.

wholesomeyum low carb rutabaga fries recipe


I'm bored with the same thing over and over. I wish someone would tell me what to eat, with some variety."

we'll take the guesswork and time out of keto meal planning!

The Wholesome Yum app will show youexactly what to eat, complete with grocery list, so you’ll never have to plan a thing or take multiple grocery trips.

And with plenty of variety, you won’t repeat meals for months!

Just take the list to the store or order grocery delivery. Then, meal prep ahead to save time – as much or as little as you want. With full macros provided for every recipe, it’s easy to stick to your goals without getting bored.

wholesomeyum low carb keto chocolate cupcakes recipe almond flour

I need more flexibility...

I like the idea of a done-for-me meal plan, but I'm allergic to certain ingredients and my family won't eat certain foods."

Enjoy recipes tailored to you!

This app allows you tocustomize as much you likein your meal plan.

If you or your family have any food dislikes or dietary restrictions, you can replaceanything, withhundreds of delicious recipes to choose fromas alternatives. (Including nut-free, dairy-free, and vegetarian options.)

keto philly cheesesteak casserole in dish

"Following the complete weekly plan takes all of the guess work out of shopping, but I also love thatit's flexibleand allows me to pick and choose what recipes I want to use. I would encourage anyone who is hesitant to try, tojust do it! I tried another service, and the difference between the two was night and day." -Sharon K.

Youhave to struggle WITH what to eat on keto...

Go Premium:
The Wholesome Yum App
will make it easy...

…with deliciouscustomketo meal plans,

plus other perks like ad-free website access,

dedicated keto support, free ebooks, and more!

Wholesome Yum app displayed on phones.

Try aFREE week... followed by:


(less than 35¢/day!)


(15% off)


(50% off)

*Billed as one payment after a free week – cancel anytime. All prices in USD.

"It's a time saver!我没有计划,我不必担心abo血型ut recycling a few months of menus like I used to. 90% of the time it's something new. There's a reasonable amount of ingredients, they're straight forward and my husband is constantly impressed by the quality of flavor and texture.These recipes make me look good!" -Jennifer H.

Maya headshot.

Hey friend, I know what it's like to struggle with keto meals...

My name is Maya from Wholesome Yum,
and I've been following a low carb lifestyle for over a decade.

But it wasn't always easy...

Back when I started my first “diet”, I didn’t know what I was doing…

I wasn’t happy with how I looked…

And more importantly, how I felt.

I was constantly either hungry or exhausted or anxious…

Or bored with eating the same foods over and over…

Or trying to starve myself only to binge later (don’t do that! ).

I thought that cutting fat and calories was the answer.

I have obesity, diabetes and heart disease running in my family, and I was starting to gain weight…

I had to do something before it was too late.

I researched and researched, and discovered the benefits of a low carb lifestyle.

And when I tried it, I was惊讶at how much better I felt.

The exhaustion? Gone. The anxiety? Gone. The weight? So much better.

But there was still a problem…

I finally figured out how to eat well enough to make my body feel good, but I felt like I was spending all my time in the kitchen.


I was making something new for every meal. It was a whole NEW kind of exhausting.

And when I had my first daughter, I simply didn’t have the luxury of that kind of time anymore, whether I wanted to or not.

So I developed a meal planning system.

I’ve been using this system to save myself time in my keto eating for the last 5 YEARS…

和成千上万的keto lovers like you have been using them with me since 2018!But until now, my meal plans were the same for all.

I wanted to make your meal plancustomized just for you

So that it fitsyourmacros,yourfood preferences,yourdietary restrictions, andyourlifestyle!

That’s why I spent over a year developing the Wholesome Yum app –and I’m so excited to show you how EASY keto can be with it!!

wholesomeyum easy keto meal plan app draft

"With Wholesome Yum Meal Plans, I love that they are recipes I truly enjoy making and that actually taste good.Do it. It's worth it!" -Ashley B.

The keto meal plan app that will give you freedom...

with Wholesome Yum meal plans you will...

Wholesome Yum app displayed on phones.


"What do I love about Wholesome Yum Keto Meal Plans? In a word, TASTE. The meals that are included are thebest keto recipes out there. Taking the guess work out of meal planning significantlyreduces the challenge of staying on a ketogenic diet." -Todd A.

Eat Delicious keto Meals Like These...

Recipes from Easy Keto Meal Plans
Recipes from easy keto meal plans

"Your meal plans saved my life, I'm sure.I was struggling to find out how to start the Keto way of eatingand had been looking and reading for some time. I stumbled onto you on social media andit has changed my life. I have my shopping list, my recipes, and my do's and don'ts, all in one place. I see a light at the end of the tunnel now.I am so glad I found your meal plans.I have no reason not to succeed with this journey, and its all thanks to you." -Liz F.

Why My Meal Plans Are Different...

Most meal plans either require you to cook a separate recipe for every single meal…

…OR they offer no flexibility at all, if you don’t like something,

…OR they don’t take macros into account, leaving it all on you to figure out.

Who has time for that?!

Wholesome Yum meal plans aren’t like others you might have tried…


With Wholesome Yum meal plans, your menu is fully custom! We'll build a keto friendly plan for you, butYOU get to customize itas much as you like. Swap in different meals for your dietary restrictions, food preferences, or macros to your heart's desire.

Artboard 17

proveneasy recipesthat work

All my keto recipes have dozens (some have hundreds!) ofreviews from readers that have made and love them, so you haveno riskfor recipe fails! Plus, most recipes are either hands-off or take just 30 minutes. We'll curate recipes for your meal plan every week for an optimal keto friendly menu, but you can search hundreds of other recipes to put in if you like - or even enter your own.

Flexible ToFit Your Macros

My meal plans will fit most people's macros! We have about15 grams net carbs + 1000 calories for lunch and dinnercombined(that's the total for 2 meals, NOT each). Then, you can add breakfast and snacks as needed, or drag-and-drop as much as you like, so that your total for the dayfits perfectly into your macro requirements.

Dozens oftipsand tricks

Learn how tosave time, meal prep efficiently, make freezer meals, and more! We're constantly adding new resources.


Every recipe AND every meal will havefull macros listed (calories, fat, net carbs, and protein). Handy if you count 'em, gives you an overview if you don't! Plus, theapp will show you how much of your macros you've used up, so you don't have to count manually.

easy-to-useMOBILE appwith fullyprintableoption

Let's face it, life happens! We includeleftovers in the meal plan just a couple times each week, so that youwon'twaste food andwillsave precious TIME. Leftovers are easily marked with a"Leftovers" labelin the app.


Time-SavingMeal PrepLunches

Afew lunches each week incorporate (quick!) meal prep, so you're not stuck cooking a separate recipe for lunch every day. Because who has time to do that?! You'll getmeal prep instructions for every recipe that can be prepped ahead, and YOU get to choose when you want to meal prep and when to do it the day-of. Even add your own meal prep instructions!

Useleftoverswithout boredom

Let's face it, life happens! We includeleftovers in the meal plan just a couple times each week, so that youwon'twaste food andwillsave precious TIME. Leftovers are easily marked with a"Leftovers" labelin the app.

Do (or Don't do!)Breakfast Your Way

Breakfast is a hot topic for keto followers! Half my readers tell me they fast or drink bulletproof coffee, while the other half prefer a meal. My meal plans give both options, so that you cando breakfast how you like itAND stick to your macros! You'll get a choice to quickly pre-populate weekday breakfasts with the meal prep "Breakfast of the Week", search lots of breakfast recipes to choose your own, OR skip it if you fast.

Options for asingleperson orfamilyof 4

You'll get2 plans each week, for one person or for a family. Choose the one that fits your lifestyle! And if you make the family one, I promise the meals are totallyfamily-friendly- tested on my own 3 and 5 year old.

wholesomeyum easy keto meal plan app draft

"All of the recipes in the meal plans have been delicious and easy to make!They are so good that even if I ever go off keto, I will still keep making them!" -Sarah H.

See for Yourself:

Wholesome Yum app displayed on phones.

The Wholesome Yum app
...and change your life today!

Try aFREE week... followed by:


(less than 35¢/day!)


(15% off)


(50% off)

*Billed as one payment after a free week – cancel anytime. All prices in USD.

"这个程序为每周膳食准备太棒了!I love knowing what my food will be in advance. Planning the whole week is helpful for family cooking - they can always chip in and it takes out the 'what’s for dinner?' question each day." -Elizabeth C.


You can use the Wholesome Yum app on your mobile phone or tablet – it’s compatible with:

* AllApple devices(iPhone smartphones and iPad tablets) runningiOS 13.0+. If you have auto updates, iPhones starting withiPhone 6S and newerwill work.

* AllAndroid devices(smartphones and tablets by Samsung, Google, LG, Nokia, Huawei, Sony, HTC, etc.) runningAndroid 6.0+.

In addition, you can access the app using yourweb browser on any device, including a computer.

Your meal plans will sync across all your devices!

No way! One membership and one login is all you need to access the app on EVERY device you have – phone, tablet and computer.

Absolutely! We ran a beta group to make surethe Wholesome Yum app is intuitive to use. There is also a tutorial to get you started, a robust help area with screenshots, one-on-one technical support from our team for any questions, and a welcome video showing you how to use it.

If you’re not tech savvy and prefer not to tinker with the app, all you have to do is login and click the button to print the PDF version.

Every Thursday, you’ll receive an email with the plan for next week (starting the following Monday). This includes the meal layout, the recipes, a guide on how to meal plan and prep, shopping list, and even a way to track your macros if you choose to do so!

You can also access the current meal plan anytime by logging into your Members Area, download them to your phone, tablet or computer, or even print them.

They work for both! Low carb and keto both have benefits of more energy, weight loss, and more.

The meal plans are flexible enough to support both low carb and keto lifestyles, and easy to customize with drag-and-drop if you want to.

Lunch and dinner are combined to be approximately 15g net carbs, and you can fill in the rest with breakfast, snacks, or bigger portions if your macros allow for more.

You’ll also be able to enter or calculate your macros to see if your plan is on track with your goals.

One of the best features of Wholesome Yum meal plans is they arecompletely customizable!It’s easy to swap anything you don’t like with something else – it’s as simple asdrag and drop!

Choose from hundreds of recipes as replacements, or even enter your own if you like.

Yes! You’ll be able to calculate or manually enter your macros (how much fat, protein and carbs to eat each day) right inside the app. Then, the app will show you how much of your macros your meal plan has used up for the day.

The pre-built meal plans aredesigned to fit most keto macrosas a starting point for lunch and dinner, with flexibility tocustomize using search, drag and drop to fit your macros. Search hundreds of recipes to find additions or replacements, most in the range of 5-10g net carbs per serving.

NO! These plans are designed to make your life easier – not to have you spend hours and hours cooking and preparing meals.

Recipes are easy to make, with simple ingredients and step-by-step instructions.

We don’t use prepackaged foods in the meal plans, so you do have to cook, but I’m all about convenience and saving time! And, the plans are designed for that. You’ll re-purpose leftovers and meal prep for lunch, so you don’t have to make your lunch from scratch on a daily basis. Dinner will be a fast, easy recipe each night, with one night for either going out or leftovers. For breakfast you’ll have the option of making a meal prep recipe, drinking coffee or fasting, because we’re split on that in the low carb and keto community.

Best of all, I’ll support you with loads of tips on how to meal plan, meal prep, and save time while doing it.

Even though some people are following the lifestyle alone, making recipes for one person can be challenging. And, many people have families to feed, too.

For this reason, we offer BOTH! Each week, you’ll get TWO versions of the meal plans:

1) Family-friendly meal plans designed for 4 people.If your family members do not want to follow the lifestyle with you, they can still enjoy the same foods with a starch on the side.

2) Single-person meal plans designed for 1 person.Perfect if you’re the only one in your household following this lifestyle, or if you live alone.

And if you have 2 or 3 people in your house, or a family of more than 4? We have a featurecoming VERY soonthat will allow you toscale the number of servings to ANY number of people!

Instructions for storage and freezing are also included, so you don’t have to waste food if you end up with leftovers.

尽可能多的,我们的目标是使用常规低的汽车b ingredients that can be found in a regular grocery store. We take a whole-foods-based approach.

Of course, you can cancel anytime! You’ll start with a free trial, so you’ll be able to see what the low carb & keto meal plan is like before any charge at all. If you cancel during the trial period, you won’t pay a penny. If you cancel anytime after the trial ends, it will stop all future payments.

Yes! You can see details on how to redeemon this page.

I’m all ears! Use the live chat in the bottom right corner of your screen to ask other questions, or fill outthis contact formand someone from my team will get the answers you need.

wholesomeyum easy keto meal plan app launch

"I am saving at least a couple of hours a week with this app... and more importantly, a lot of stress!" -Lynn G.


If you’re ready to feel MORE ENERGY and LOSE WEIGHT while eating your favorite foods…

If you want to set yourself up for success on the keto lifestyle…

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230+ FOODS


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治愈thy dinners in 30 minutes or less.


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治愈thy freezer meals ebook


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治愈thy freezer meals ebook


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230+ FOODS



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230+ FOODS


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